Trains must be able to withstand intensive environmental, electrical, and mechanical stress day in and day out. The standards that apply to rolling stock are constantly evolving to improve operational safety and passenger comfort. HaslerRail has a long history of delivering reliable, safe and efficient on-board data recording, speed measurement, energy metering, and TCMS solutions compliant with the latest standards.

Car builders, OEMs, integrators, and train operators worldwide trust HaslerRail to equip their metros, light rail vehicles, locomotives, freight cars, high speed and very high speed trains with on-board products and systems to meet their needs. Our products are designed by extensive knowledge of on-board systems and engineering services, positioning us to provide our customers with timely responses to their challenges anywhere in the world.

Features / Benefits

  • Broad, deep knowledge of rolling stock systems
  • A wide range of solutions
  • Standard and custom solutions
  • Intensive testing for high service reliability
  • Expert customer support
  • Proven designs with worldwide acceptance