HaslerRail offers a wide range of display solutions and speed indicators to meet a variety of rail vehicle requirements.

Our digital speed indicator is both simple and robust. Speed is displayed on an illuminated ring meter or digitally. Our moving coil speed indicator is also simple and robust. This highly configurable device comes in circular or square casings and in a range of sizes. Larger casings can incorporate two independent coils and up to four different-colored lamps. Finally, a small speed or distance indicator can be added.

The SPEEDO is a robust device with additional features. A feedback encoder system supervises the pointer position. It also features an additional illuminated ring meter, four lamps, a flag, and a small LCD display.

HaslerRail’s acquisition of Pixy brought a new range of display solutions to our speed indicator line.

All of our speed sensors, display solutions, and software are built on the latest technology, are designed to be robust and reliable, and have long track records in service, including in harsh conditions. Whether you are a car builder or systems integrator, you can count on HaslerRail to bring you solutions you can count on.