The HaslerRail TELOC® data recording system is built on a modular architecture that can be tailored to individual vehicles, projects, and environments, covering a full range of functions. Our engineers can configure the system to give you a high level of customization and freedom. In addition, because specific software is not required for each project, you can respond quickly when modifications or adjustments are needed.

Our modules include different types of Crash Protected Memory, as well as modules to enable a variety of input and output capabilities for wired signals and all types of bus interfaces (MVB, CAN, Profibus, Serial, etc.). We also offer the SABOB (Safety Board) card, with dedicated safety functions up to SIL2 and SIL4.

We can provide a range of peripheral devices, including a badge reader for gathering driver ID information and execution of specific functions based on the driver ID, and voice and video recorders. Finally, our gateway enables automated on-board to off-board data transfer through selectable communication channels.

All recorded data is analyzed using our proprietary EVA+ evaluation suite. The software is used to reconstruct events and evaluate predefined patterns.

The TELOC® event recorders are available with different enclosure designs to comply with form-fit requirments.


  • Data Recording and Safety