HaslerRail speed sensors have been found in all kinds of rail vehicles for more than a century. Today, we offer proven, reliable pulse generators and Hall effect sensors with long service histories. With the non-contact CORRail®1000 – based on the principle of a Spatial Filtering Velocimetry – HaslerRail offers a state-of-the art speed sensor for measuring the True-Speed-Over-Ground (TSOG).

Pulse generators convert the axle’s rotational motion into an electrical signal. These optical systems are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including high mechanical stress.

Our Hall effect sensor picks up a speed signal from a toothed target wheel (gear). It is ideal for situations where space is limited.

Our CORRail®1000 sensor is a track-bed independent and non-slip/slide sensor that can take objective measurements. It directly measures a vehicle’s speed and operating direction using the railhead as a reference.

All of these sensors are available in a variety of versions to meet your needs. And, if you would like to merge signals from different sensors, HaslerRail’s event recording system includes speed evaluation capabilities that can perform this task.