HaslerRail offers a complete range of control and protection products.

Our RaPLC TCMS platform includes VCUs and RIOs. The highly-standardized platform is built on a modular architecture for flexible configuration, scalability, and interfacing with subsystems. It is also very cost effective. The VCUs are programmable via the IEC61131-3 family of languages by the customer. The VCUs and RIOs can communicate via the most commonly-used protocols (Ethernet, MVB, CAN, etc.).

The RTP100 traction protection device, designed for integration into the TCMS, provides a cost-effective, very flexible and reliable solution for implementing electrical protection and catenary detection on board the vehicle.

We also offer an ETCS Cold Movement Detection (CMD) device. It delivers a SIL4 function to supervise vehicle movement during the power off phase, transmitting the information to the ETCS on-board system, saving time and lowering operating costs. Drivers no longer have to operate in downgraded mode until the next coordination location to synchronize their positions with the wayside ETCS beacon.

Finally, with the CMD it is possible to reliably determine if a vehicle has been moved during the power off phase of the ETCS on-board system.