Cloud-based EVA+ centralizes TELOC data management and automates TELOC data analysis and monitoring so that fleet managers can geolocate vehicle issues in real-time and respond rapidly, minimizing delays. They can also analyze journeys and assess drivers to support operational excellence. Finally, in the event of an incident, powerful analytics help identify the root cause.

EVA+ Teloc maintenance
EVA+ generates an alert in the event of abnormal recording behavior, for more efficient recorder maintenance. It also creates an overview of all recorders and their latest known firmware versions, facilitating recorder management.

EVA+ Driver management
EVA+ provides convenient access to all available driver data. A specific driver’s journeys can be found quickly and easily for assessment purposes and events can be used to pinpoint driver errors and improve safety.

EVA+ Emergency brake notification
EVA+ can trigger an emergency brake notification based on a real-time signal so that offboard staff can respond quickly, avoiding delays. Drivers can access the data they need to recover fast.

EVA+ ADD events and wheel slip analysis
EVA+ can analyze events like the rapid descent of a pantograph and wheelslip over multiple vehicles and over a long time horizon so that infrastructure issues can be identified.

EVA+ ETCS root cause analysis
EVA+ facilitates ETCS data processing and analysis and includes a powerful ETCS message search tool across multiple TELOC files for faster root-cause analysis and vehicle homologation.

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Main benefits

  • Independent, real-time location of vehicles
  • Real-time notifications for fast response
  • Journey analysis for reduced delays
  • Driver performance metrics
  • Fast fault identification for enhanced safety
  • Geoclustering of wheelslip, ADD, and other events
  • Fast root-cause analysis with ETCS data tools
  • Lower TELOC maintenance costs