HaslerRail in the top 13% of EcoVadis sustainability rating

Compared to other companies in its branch rated by EcoVadis, HaslerRail achieved an overall score in the top 13% and therefore received the silver medal for its efforts.

Awarded with the EcoVadis silver medal!


Making an impact

HaslerRail is convinced to make an impact to the world with its commitment to the EcoVadis sustainability rating. Sustainability is the commitment to act responsibly by integrating social and environmental concerns into business operations. Therefore, HaslerRail goes beyond regulatory compliance to focus on how we manage our economic, social and environmental impacts, as well as our relationships with our stakeholder. With the independent rating from EcoVadis, HaslerRail sets an example for its continuing efforts to make sustainable improvements.


Global independent rating

EcoVadis provides an independent rating that analyses and assess the actions related to the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies based on international sustainability standards. The scorecard illustrates companies’ performance using different indicators in the four themes of environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.


Find out more about EcoVadis: www.ecovadis.com

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