New perspectives for Pixy Group.

Sécheron Hasler Group took over 100% of the shares of Pixy AG from its founder Mr. Mark Meier von Streng.


Dear Clients and Business Partners,

We are happy to inform you that on April 30 Sécheron Hasler Group and Pixy Group closed a transaction under which Sécheron Hasler Group took over 100% of the shares of Pixy AG from its founder Mr. Mark Meier von Streng.

Both parties consider this succession plan a very good solution to assure the long-term development of Pixy Group. Pixy Group and Sécheron Hasler Group are very complementary in terms of product portfolio, skills and structure. We are convinced that together we can accelerate the further development of Pixy Group and Sécheron Hasler Group’s On-Board Electronics business, leveraging Sécheron Hasler Group’s worldwide network and offering more complete product packages and integrated solutions to customers. In addition, we will be able to explore synergies in technology.

As both companies have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and focus on quality and innovation we are also convinced that there is a good cultural fit.

Being already successful, we plan to develop the Pixy Group autonomously and with high continuity, exploring the above synergies in a very focused way. Mr. Meier will continue to be the CEO of Pixy until end of June 2018. Thereafter, he will actively support Pixy as an advisor. Mr. Roland Wegner, Head of Sales of Pixy, will take over the position of Mr. Meier as of July 1st 2018 assuring a smooth transition.

No changes are planned concerning the structure of Pixy and therefore there will be no changes for customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions or information needs.

Best regards


Mark Meier von Streng
Chairman and CEO Pixy Group
Martin Balters
CEO Sécheron Hasler Group


Pixy Group ( has 40 employees in Turgi, Switzerland and Shanghai, China, and is an innovative and leading supplier of visualization solutions for the global railway industry. Over the last 30 years, Pixy has delivered more than 40’000 units of its displays and associated software to its customers.

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