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Our mission

Delivering best-in-class electrical safety solutions for rolling stock, traction power substations, and high-power electrical equipment for the renewable energy, DC grid, and other industries.

Our mission

Delivering best-in-class electrical safety solutions for rolling stock, traction power substations, and high-power electrical equipment for the renewable energy, DC grid, and other industries.

Sécheron Hasler Group is guided by a single mission: to design and deliver best-in-class solutions and services to our customers worldwide to ensure the safety, protection, and reliability of rolling stock and traction power substations in the railway industry and high-power electrical equipment in other industries including renewable energy and DC grid systems.

We offer some of the most advanced technology and the broadest range of products on the market. Our goal is to support our customers through solutions that offer superior features and efficiency. Our long-term customer relationships position us to understand the requirements of our customers’ business environments.

Our corporate strategy is guided by the following pillars:

  • R&D and technological innovation
  • Presence on local markets
  • Customer care
  • Systems integration capabilities for customized solutions
  • Excellence in supply chain management

At Sécheron Hasler Group, we strive to ensure that we remain aligned with our core values every day:

Hands-on, entrepreneurial, and results-oriented

Our decision-making processes are simple and efficient, so that we can respond quickly to our customers’ changing needs on fast-paced markets. Our strong culture of continuous improvement keeps our focus on customer satisfaction and efficiency across our organization.

Excellence and quality

At Sécheron Hasler Group, we take our responsibility to deliver products that meet the highest standards for safety and reliability very seriously. Our components and systems are critical to the safety of our customers’ equipment and to their ability to protect people and property. Our commitment extends beyond product development and manufacturing to encompass the entire product lifecycle. We ensure that our systems-wherever they are installed around the globe-can be maintained according to rigorous procedures by trained, qualified technicians.

Our processes meet the highest Swiss quality standards and comply with major railway-industry certification requirements. Our factory testing is much more extensive than what is required by industry standards. We test our products early and often throughout the development cycle to ensure that they deliver the expected performance throughout their lifetime. Each individual product undergoes a battery of factory tests so that nothing is left to chance. Finally, our manufacturing and logistics processes have been set up to guarantee on-time delivery, every time.

Empowered employees

We offer our employees a creative, stimulating work environment in which each individual is responsible for his or her own job tasks and encouraged to take initiatives. This entrepreneurial work environment lets employees take control of their personal skills and career development.

Our organization is non-hierarchical and direct communication is encouraged. This positions us to make decisions quickly, remain agile, and innovate in fast-paced markets driven by advances in new technology.

We operate in a international environment and have ambitious growth targets. This makes working at Sécheron Hasler Group particularly challenging and rewarding.

Integrity, responsibility, and respect

At Sécheron Hasler Group, we place the utmost importance on personal integrity, responsibility, and respect for individuals. We believe that our long-term success as a company depends on each individual’s contributions. Our workforce is very multicultural, bringing diverse perspectives and approaches that position us to understand and respect difference and come up with creative responses to our customers’ needs around the globe. We are also committed to providing equal opportunity to all employees regardless of race, nationality, skin color, gender identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion, or age.

Sustainable development

We factor sustainability into all of our projects, systematically seeking out solutions to limit our environmental impacts. These solutions can include using recycled, recyclable, and environmentally-friendly materials and resources; moving toward paperless processes; making our manufacturing processes more energy-efficient; and developing more energy-efficient products. We also have written corporation-wide QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) policies.

We’re Hiring

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