• Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Career Category: Research, Development, Design, Engineering

Role Summary / Purpose

Sécheron is a leading global supplier of electrical and electronic safety components and solutions and traction power systems for the railway industry and also provides solutions for renewable energy, DC grid, and other industrial systems.

In support of the global growth we are seeking a Offload Design Engingeer :

  • Specify, design and test of constructions for standard products as well as project based solutions.
  • Provide technological innovations while maintaining high product reliability.
  • Utilise high levels of technology to produce mechanical products.
  • Contribute to the review & validation of all mechanical design of dedicated group.
  • Contribute to the issuance of a book of good practices and keep it up-to date.

Your Mission

  • Submit and develop optimized solutions in relation to actual technology and according to customer demand in term of cost and performances.
  • Participate on technical decisions concerning products specifications and technical data of standard products and project based solutions.
  • Work on design to cost and design for manufacturing to optimize product for market
  • Work on design for all life cycle of products (high reliability devices)
  • Manage all software and measurement tools used to optimize product development as EDA & CAD systems, simulation tools and laboratory tools.
  • Participate in Non Conformity analysis and resolution (NCR)
  • Support production in order to improve manufacturing productivity
  • Capitalize know-how and record it for company future (best practice booklet)

Your Profile

  • The ability to combine multiple schools of engineering practice to produce products for electrical applications, but with heavy mechanical design.
  • An interest in the future of technology and facing the challenges that come with integrating modern design and manufacturing methods into high risk products.
  • Having the mindset for working in the design of safety equipment for industry where severe risk of human death is the cause of mistakes.
  • Having the general scientist education able to understand and to learn new technologies, in and outside of its own specialization domain.
  • Deeply interested about the manufacturing processes as well as at customer’s application of the overall company’s product range.
  • Open to change the design concept after a design review being strongly convinced that teams are able to design more reliable and efficient solutions than individuals.
  • Having a solid multi-cultural engineering experience understanding the interest to work with members of one team coming from different countries and having a different scientist culture.
  • Handy approach, willing to master all assemblies and the test steps like to assemble its prototype to insure the coherence between theory and practice.
  • English speaking and writing is mandatory.

What We Offer

We are an international company offering good social conditions and a great working environment and atmosphere.

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